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Generic Trader1 is considered one of the most feature rich web based futures trading platforms in the industry. Not only is this platform for trading, but it is also your complete account administration center, allowing you to transfer funds and view vital news and account information, real-time. Also, since there is no download you may access your account and trade from anywhere.

The Firetip Professional2 is a sophisticated trading platform designed for the serious trader in mind. Ideal for day-trading with One-Click trading, robust analytics, entirely customizable and unlike many other dated platforms, Firetip’s cutting edge technology makes it remarkably user-friendly. Best of all and virtually unique, it is completely integrated into the web based platform, allowing for real-time account and margin updates.

1. There is no charge for Generic Trader

2. Firetip’s Professional Futures Trading Platform is $59 month, which includes unlimited free quotes and charts with no extra transaction fees

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