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Effective April 1, 2020, The CME Group is charging the following fees to all new, non-professional clients of all trading firms. All fees will be set up by request:

CME – $10
CBOT – $10
NYMEX – $10
COMEX – $10
Bundle of all markets – $30

For all Professional clients, the CME Group charges $85 per market segment with no discounted bundle available.

Please note that if you are not subscribed to the market segment, you will still receive real-time data, but only for the last trade and not for the full market depth.

 Please Contact Us with any questions.


Beginning April 1, 2016, the ICE Exchange began imposing a fee, which is now a charge of $110 for ICE US and $125 for ICE EUROPE per month for access to live market data per market segment for traders of all firms regardless of whether they are considered professional or non-professional. It is our belief that the majority of our customer base does not wish to assume this cost and therefore it will only be enabled by request. If you wish to trade these markets on any platform you must subscribed.

If you wish to have live ICE data enabled on your account, merely contact us and request ICE US and/or ICE Europe.

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