Below are the exchange minimum margin requirements, standard intraday margins¹ for some of the more popular contracts (margin requirements for all contracts may be viewed in the trading platforms) and EIMS² for all markets offered. Maintenance margins for position traders is 10% lower than the initial margins. Please note that the margin requirements are subject to change without notice. Please see bottom of page for more details.

ContractSymbolExchangeInitial MarginDay Trade MarginEIMS
All CME Group and ICE contracts offered - only the most popular shown -
Updated February 22, 2021
Australian Dollar future6ACME$1,760$440$500
British Pound future6BCME$2,640$660$500
Canadian Dollar future6CCME$1,210$300$500
Dollar Index futureDXICE$2,090$523$500
Euro Currency future6ECME$2,200$550$500
Japanese Yen future6JCME$2,750$688$500
Swiss Franc future6SCME$3,630$908$500
E-micro AUD/USD futureM6ACME$176$44N/A
E-micro GBP/USD futureM6BCME$264$66N/A
E-micro EUR/USD futureM6ECME$220$55N/A
E-micro CAD/USD futureMCDCME$121$30N/A
E-micro CHF/USD futureMSFCME$363$91N/A
E-micro JPY/USD futureMJYCME$275$69N/A
Crude Oil future CLNYMEX$4,510$1,128$1,000
Eminy Crude Oil future QM NYMEX$2,255$564 $500
Eminy Natural Gas future QGNYMEX$633$158N/A
Heating Oil future HONYMEX$4,290$1,073N/A
Natural Gas future NG NYMEX$2,530$633N/A
RBOB Gas futureRBNYMEX$4,840$1,210N/A
Brent Crude futureBRNICE$4,587$1,147
Grains and Oilseeds
Corn future ZC CBOT$1,650$413N/A
Oats future ZOCBOT$990$248 N/A
Rough Rice futureZRCBOT$1,815$454N/A
Soybean future ZS CBOT$3,300$825N/A
Soybean Meal future ZMCBOT$2,310$578 N/A
Soybean Oil future ZLCBOT$1,705$426N/A
Wheat future ZWCBOT$2,090$523N/A
Hard Red Wheat KE CBOT$2,035$509 N/A
Minneapolis Wheat futureMWEMGEX$1,820$455 N/A
Mini Corn XCCBOT$330$83 N/A
Mini WheatXWCBOT$418$105 N/A
Mini SoybeanXK CBOT$660$165N/A
Index Markets
Emini Nasdaq futureNQCME$17,600$4,400 $500
Emini Russell future RTY CME$7,150$1,788 N/A
Emini S&P 500 future ESCME$12,100$3,025$500
Mini Dow Jones future YMCBOT$9,900$2,475$500
Nikkei 225 futureNKD CME$8,800$2,200N/A
Micro Emini S&P 500MESCME$1,210$303$50
Micro Emini Nasdaq 100MNQCME$1,760$440$50
Micro Emini Russell 2000M2KCME$715$179$50
Micro Emini DowMYMCBOT$990$248$50
Interest Rates
2 Yr Tnote futureZT CBOT$330$83N/A
5 Yr Tnote future ZF CBOT$605$151N/A
10 Yr Tnote future ZNCBOT$1,375$344N/A
30 Yr Tbonds futureZB CBOT$4,400$1,100 N/A
Eurodollar futureGE CME$220$55N/A
Livestock and Meat
Feeder Cattle future GFCME$3.190$798N/A
Lean Hogs future HECME$1,980$495 N/A
Live Cattle future LECME$1,760$440N/A
COMEX HG Copper futureHGCOMEX$5,500$1,375 N/A
COMEX E-mini Copper futureQCCOMEX$2,750$688 N/A
COMEX Gold futureGCCOMEX$12,100$3,025$1,000
COMEX miNY Gold futureQOCOMEX$6,050$1,513 $500
COMEX E-micro Gold futureMGCCOMEX$1,210$303$200
COMEX PlatinumPLCOMEX$4,840$1,210N/A
COMEX Silver future SICOMEX$18,150$4,538$2,000
COMEX miNY Silver futureQICOMEX$9,075$2,269$500
Cocoa futureCCICE$2,090$523N/A
Coffee future KC ICE$4,455$1,114N/A
Cotton futureCTICE$2,915$729N/A
Orange Juice future OJ ICE$1,386$347 N/A
Sugar #11 futureSBICE$1,109$277N/A

¹Standard Day Trade Margin is offered to most clients with futures trading experience and is available during any open session as long as a $1000 balance is maintained. Strict adherence to the Intraday Margin Policy (provided upon funding account) is necessary to maintain day trading margin privileges.

²The Enhanced Intraday Margin System (EIMS) is available by request from seasoned traders that have familiarity with our platforms and risk management expectations. At least $1000 must be maintained at all times and clients enabled with EIMS, are only permitted to trade from 8:30am CT to 3:05pm CT. Full details and restrictions of the EIMS are outlined in the EIMS policy.

Intraday margin is not available for the Generic Trader Online platform

Margin of any type is provided at the discretion of the risk management department and is subject to change without notice.

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