Trading Infrastructure:

There are basically two factors that are important for trading infrastructure; speed and reliability

That is why Generic Trade offers the lowest latency connection to CME Globex. We are proud to offer co-location services in CME Group’s owned and operated data center in Aurora, IL – lowering port to port latency to fewer than 500 nanoseconds! Please see the following link for full CME Group Data center specifications.


For our other exchange data connections, we utilize one of the world’s largest data centers and the nerve center for Chicago’s commodity markets, commonly known as Chicago’s Data Fortress for the Digital Economy. We are a cross connect away from the relevant exchanges, which means that the latency is measured in microseconds, not even milliseconds! Some firms deploy their systems in more convenient locations, but that can add 1-2 milliseconds. That may not sound like much, but for the serious trader it is a lifetime.

Additionally, we utilize another data center located cross country (for additional security) which is run with Chicago in a load balancing environment, so any ‘non-optimal event’ in any center would be completely insulated from the client. Finally, for further integrity everything is run N+N (power) or N+1/N+2 (equipment and processes).

Our network technology is run through multiple gigabit ports and we have an exclusive autonomous system number (ASN) so we peer with many ISP’s to further increase the efficiency in the flow of data. Finally our network is built for significant scalability and as such we have an additional 90% capacity available to us.

Data is provided by our proprietary, co-located Market Engine (as opposed to a data vendor) and is therefore pure unfiltered tick data with the lowest latency possible.

Please review our platform technology, which benefits from the speed and reliability provided by ALL orders being held at either the exchange or at co-located servers. Having strategies run from a client’s computer is usually not an option for experienced traders.

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There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options.